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Heal - Overcome - Help your Mind Unwind

We help you live your best life through compassionate and evidence-based practices.

Get the support and the tools you need to deal with Depression - Anxiety - Trauma - Grief and Stress

Online Therapy for Adults

No waiting list - Covered by most Insurance - English and Spanish

  • Consumed by worries and intrusive thoughts?

  • Trapped in negative cycles that seem unbreakable?

  • Struggling to be present?

  • Haunted by traumatic memories?

  • Being too hard on yourself and struggling with self-criticism?

  • Exhausted and stressed in your work life?

Remember, you're not alone. At Mind Unwind, we are here to support you. We are committed to providing you with compassion, understanding, and effective treatments designed to help you regain inner peace.

Whether it's anxiety, trauma, depression or work-related stress, take the first step toward healing and tranquility. Let us guide you toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.



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Ivan Abreu, MSc., RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Ivan is a member in good standing of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CPRO). With nearly 10 years of experience working with adults presenting a variety of mental health difficulties due to depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life transitions, low self-esteem, and stress.


Ivan’s client-centered and culturally humble approach is informed by his experience working with different populations in the Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and Canada in both English and Spanish.

Our Modalities

Psychotherapy Sessions with Evidence-Based Approaches


Therapy (CBT)

Therapy (CFT)

EMDR Therapy

Clinical Supervision

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