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  • How do I pay for services?
    -Credit/Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express)
  • How long does psychotherapy take?
    The length of psychotherapy can vary, depending on individual needs and goals. Some patients may see improvement in just a few sessions, while others may need ongoing therapy.
  • What services does your clinic offer?
    - Individual Psychotherapy sessions for Adults 18+ seeking support for mental health, stress, life transitions, grief and trauma. - Clinical supervision for students and pre-licensed professionals
  • What are your clinic's hours?
    9:00am - 5:00pm - Monday - Friday
  • How do I know if psychotherapy is right for me?
    If you are experiencing mental health issues that are affecting your daily life, it may be a good idea to consider psychotherapy. A mental health professional can help determine if it is a suitable treatment option.
  • What is psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy is a type of treatment that involves talking with a mental health professional to help improve one's mental health and wellbeing.
  • What can I expect in a therapy session?
    In a therapy session, a patient can expect to talk to the therapist about their feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a confidential and non-judgmental setting.
  • Is psychotherapy covered by insurance?
    Psychotherapy is NOT covered by OHIP, but might be covered by your employer’s extended health insurance plans or other 3rd party insurance plans. Make sure your plan covers Psychotherapy by a Registered Psychotherapist.
  • Can therapy be done online?
    Yes, therapy can be done online through teletherapy or video conferencing. At Mind Unwind Psychotherapy we use the Jane platform for our virtual sessions. Jane is PIPEDA & HIPAA compliant and works on any computer or laptop, Android, or iOS Device.
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